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Dr. John Rusin w/ guest Charles Staley on Updoc medias Strength Doc podcast
The Strength Doc
The Strength Doc
SDP 003: Charles Staley
Charles Staley is a man that needs no introduction in the strength and fitness industry.  Charles has been at the iron game for over three decades and has seen thousands of trends come and go.  With his level of experience and expertise in the field, one of the most impressive things about Charles is his continued practice in powerlifting and strength training.  At the young age of 56, Charles is still setting PRs and setting a standard of what a lifelong journey in fitness is all about.  From his popularization of Escalating Density Training to his over 1000 published articles throughout the most well known resources in fitness and health, Charles is a world of knowledge beyond all else in a field that is in dire need of leadership.