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Physical therapy podcast w/ Mike Eisenhart
Therapy Insiders
Therapy Insiders
Primary Care Physical Therapy and Population Health w/ Mike Eisenhart
Physical therapy is a multitalented healthcare profession. Regardless of what physical therapy is now. The potential of what it could be holds tremendous upside for healthcare and more importantly the overall health of the population. Are we ready to move physical therapy forward?

Mike Eisenhart thinks so. We at Therapy Insiders podcast agree with him. Mike has been a guest on before talking about eating green and unique approaches to physical therapy. He has also written a tremendous guest blog for called “How to Provide the Greatest Healthcare Value.”

In this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast, Mike breaks down his ideas and reasons of why physical therapists are more than capable of being on the forefront of population health. By leading the charge physical therapists can become effective primary care clinicians.