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Physical Therapy is a Business, Time to Run it Like One w/ guest Jerry Durham

You don’t always need to have the best product in the market to win, but you better have the best story.

Customer or patient, patient or customer. Have you ever had the crazy idea that physical therapy should be worth more than it is? Im not necessarily talking about money or reimbursement…errr…payments (sorry Jerry! listen to the podcast to know why I just angered our guest), but an overall worth as a brand.

Physical therapists do a LOT, or at least are capable of doing a lot. From treating back, neck, shoulder, pick a joint pain to helping spinal cord injury patients walks again to getting you up and moving after surgery to…and so on. Yet, majority of people, or better yet as our special guest on this podcast Jerry Durham calls them health care consumers, have very little idea of the true value of physical therapy. Why is that? Better yet why is it STILL that? Yes, yes health care costs are going up. But its not about the cost, its about the perceived value! Customers, yes customers, will pay for higher quality goods and services. Its proven. Look up Apple, Starbucks, Harley etc. They may seem like weird comparisons to make to physical therapy, but are they really? Every business has to follow similar principals to succeed and grow, some just do it better than others. And some take those principals and blow them away.

For this podcast we were joined by Jerry Durham from San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy to get his thoughts, ideas and actionable advice on being a business leader. Do yourselves a favor, if you are interested in running a successful practice or have any inkling of getting into business, take a listen to Jerry!

Jerry Durham
Jerry Durham Twitter: @Jerry_DurhamPT

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Shout out: Thanks to Dr. Barton Bishop from Sport and Spine Rehab for joining us again while Dr. Joe Palmer was in Annapolis voicing his support for PT’s right to dry needle!