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kelly starrett on Therapy Insiders podcast
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Running with a Supple Leopard w/ Kelly Starrett

What does it take to keep up with a supple leopard?

In the world of physical therapy (see: physiotherapy), there are not many mainstream names. There are even less said mainstream physios (short of physical or physio therapist) constantly pushing the envelope. One such person is Dr. Kelly Starrett. We were happy to grab Kelly on Therapy Insiders podcast to discuss a multitude of topics ranging from his start as a clinician, to business development, writing books, dealing with detractors, future of physical therapy, and so much more. The episode is loaded to the brim, clocking in at a shade under 2 hours….yea seriously (we had a lot to talk about).

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Check out the following video about Kelly’s new book Deskbound


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