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How to Increase your Value in the Business of Healthcare w/ Jerry Durham

“We create happy customers”–Jerry Durham


Let me ask you a question. How’s your day going? Great! Ok, enough with the pleasantries. Here’s the actual question: how do you value yourself? More specifically yourself as a brand. If someone came up to you and said you have one sentence to tell me what makes you special compared to another person in your profession, what would you say? What if that same person said in that one sentence you cant use any medical, clinical, or job related terms? Would you be able to do it? Go ahead try it…Ill wait. Now that you’ve tried to get a sentence together in your mind, say it out loud. Does it make sense? More importantly if someone said that sentence to you would you think they are valuable? I’m guessing that the majority of you are shaking your heads and saying (or thinking) no at this point.

In healthcare, there are prevailing perceptions by most customers (see:patients). Some of these perceptions are: high costs, long waits, poor customer service, sterile and dated clinics/waiting rooms/bathrooms to name a few. In essence, you have to be really in pain or sick to go visit your healthcare provider. Although, even that is not reason enough for some people. Right? Im sure most of you asked something along the lines of “how long has this been going on” with a response of “ ehh im not sure a few YEARS.” So, how do you increase your value? This is the very topic we covered in the podcast with guest Jerry Durham, physical therapist, lecturer and multi clinical small business owner. Jerry is all about the customer experience, and I agree with him 100%.

Healthcare consumers (Jerry’s favorite patient descriptor term) expect to get better when they come to see you. Why wouldn’t they? It’s your job to help them feel better. Thats not your value. Thats everyone’s value in the profession. Everyone’s job description. Your value is making your customers happy. You do that by understanding their expectations, good and bad, then completely wowing them. Look, it doesn’t take much (see graph below). The healthcare industry has the third worst customer service. Worse than insurance AND airlines. AIRLINES!! Do you people fly? Yea, its that bad!

When its this doesn't take much to get better. When its this bad…it doesn’t take much to get better.

So how…HOW do you increase your value? At the very least coherently express your value. Well for that bit of million dollar information, you need to listen to the podcast! But I will leave you with these…my four parts to a successful business:

  1. Have a great product or service.
  2. Know your audience/customers.
  3. Sell your audience/customers properly.
  4. Keep your audience/customers happy.

Quick quiz….What do you think this place is? (Answer in the podcast)

Clinic Pic

Enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think. Sound off in the comments or on twitter (@therapyinsiders) with how you increase your value.

Shout outs: Again thanks to Dr. Barton Bishop ( ) for Sport and Spine Rehab for filling in for Erson Religioso (). Of course, Jerry Durham () for sharing actionable tried and tested knowledge on business growth. Also, if you haven’t yet sign up for Jerry’s August 22nd one day seminar in Chicago (plus ill be there). You can’t afford to miss it! As well as @ColbieJorgensen and @asrothschildPT for tweeting us questions!

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