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How to Fix the Healthcare Customer Experience w/ Jerry Durham

“The difference between a patient and a customer is that patients depend on the clinic, where as clinics depend on customers.”

jeff bezos


Have you experienced or heard someone tell you their experience of the dreaded 2 hour hellish wait at a clinic? It goes something like this “yea the receptionist was really rude then I had to sit for 2 hours waiting for INSERT HEALTHCARE PROFESSION IN HERE after which point it didn’t get any better.” I hear it all the time. We know it happens and for some reason most people are resigned to just accept it. WHY??!!

In this podcast we delve into what it takes to establish a world class customer experience…in healthcare. Our guest, Jerry Durham, is a renowned lecturer and businessman. He’s also returning for another podcast, so he’s ok in our books!

Want to know how to bring quality customer service back into healthcare? Take a listen to our podcast below and please leave us a review on iTunes (click here)!

PS stick around until the end to get our take on the Texas Medical Associations stance of direct access for physical therapists.