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Exercise Prescription: Stop Counting Start Watching

Are you comfortable prescribing exercise?

Listen for the Insiders info. on exercise prescription!

Erson Religioso
Who needs to count when you have awesomely trained clinicians!

If you spend a day in the life of a physical therapist, chances are the one universal theme that will be shared is (hopefully) exercise. Although there may be a lot of controversy in the field of physical therapy in regards to manual therapy, dry needling, and various other techniques, the one unifying research supported professional glue is….yes you guessed it, exercise! Ask any physical therapist whether they think exercise is important and typically performed in some fashion in their clinic and they will say yes. Now ask those same physical therapists how they prescribe, dose and determine which exercises to use and Pandora’s Box will slightly open.

The problem (or a problem) with prescribing exercise is that most physical therapy schools do a less than ideal job (read: terrible) teaching how to do it properly. So when a new grad. starts their professional career they have a shoddy foundation and are at the mercy of their colleagues, mentors (if lucky) and the internet (check out So, how do you prescribe and dose exercise? Great question! Have a listen to our latest podcast: Exercise Prescription: Stop Counting Start Watching to find out!