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Episode 37: Survey Says: The State of Physical Therapy Talent Management in 2024

In this eye-opening episode of the Corporate Quality Podcast, join us as we unpack the preliminary findings of UpDoc's Talent Acquisition and Retention Survey for 2024. With a pulse on the current job market, we dive into the cyclical nature of hiring and retention, and the surprising realities of what talent and managers are actually seeking.

Is the disconnect on social media just noise, or is there truth to the tales of talent turnover?

How does the intention to stay or seek new opportunities affect industry dynamics?

Get the inside scoop on the jarring statistics revealing the motivations behind both the talent's and the management's job-hunting behaviors.

Tune in to decode the sentiments and strategies shaping the physical therapy industry and beyond, as we discuss the nuanced layers of talent acquisition and management. Don't miss out on the insights that could redefine how you approach your team's growth and stability.


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