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Is Your Physical Therapy Business in Danger?

The latest Corporate Quality Index (CQI) Report is out for Summer 2022.

On this episode Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Ben Fung go over several data points that jumped out at them.

  • 75% of your colleagues CANNOT recommend their employers for positive empowerment of Ownership Mindset and properly removing mediocrity from ranks.
  • 55% are ready to quit their job within 12 months, probably sooner.
  • Company loyalty is extremely hard to come by — it nearly fully rides on organizational culture, followed by a sense of corporate social responsibility.
  • Most employers have great difficulty keeping tabs on middle management; a blind spot unintentionally creating friction and episodic mass turnovers.
  • Things change very quickly for your workforce. Annual satisfaction surveys and playground peer reviews reveal nothing, and often times aggravate the situation due to the perception of going through the motions.

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