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Dry needling and physical therapy with guest Dr. Jan Dommerholt
In this episode we discuss dry needling technique with the world renowned clinician, lecturer, researcher and dry needling expert Dr. Jan Dommerholt. We cover various topics including:

  1. History of dry needling and trigger points
  2. Science of pain, trigger points and dry needling
  3. Safety: contraindication and precautions
  4. Difference between dry needling and acupuncture
  5. Myofascial pain syndrome and how dry needling can help
  6. Referral pain pathways and common diagnosis muscular involvement
    1. Frozen shoulder
    2. Plantar fasciitis
    3. Trochanteric bursitis
    4. Neck pain and headaches
    5. Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia)
    6. Low back pain- including abdominal referral pain
  7. How to become trained in dry needling, including how to decipher between dry needling courses

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