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This mini-series of Therapy Insiders Hot Takes dives into the realities, strategic directions, changes, and opportunities during this global pandemic — disrupting business, practice, and life as we know it.


We are living through historically unprecedented times. As a business, your options are drastically limited. Yet, opportunities do still exist. On this mini series, we will go over our analysis, data, suggestions, and thoughts on how to best navigate the current landscape.

Introduced in this episode, our guest Dr. Cedric Haddad.


The COVID-19 mini-series continues.

Join Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, Dr. Ben Fung, and Dr. Cedric Haddad in breaking down actionable business strategies to help guide you through the challenging landscape.

TI hot take forward thinking updoc media podcast

It's time to look forward. Government bodies are looking at opening up the economy. Yet, the corona virus is still in full swing. We are battling man-made needs vs nature realities.

On this episode, we discuss what businesses need to doing in order to prepare for opening while still dealing with COVID-19 realities.

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