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Unlock your earning potential with our innovative Know Your Worth, Claim Your Value: Master PT Salary Negotiations Course, and claim your rightful financial value. We're so confident in our proven strategies that we offer this guarantee: Secure a minimum of $2,000 USD more in annual income within 12 months of completing the course, or your money back.

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Here's how it works:

  • Enroll in our Know Your Worth, Claim Your Value: Master PT Salary Negotiations Course. Learn powerful negotiation techniques, salary research tools, and confidence-building strategies.
  • Put your skills to the test within 12 months. Apply your newfound knowledge to negotiate your salary, seek promotions, or pursue new opportunities.
  • Guarantee triggers:
    • Landing a raise or promotion: Any increase in your annual income rate by a minimum of $2,000 qualifies; a stand alone promotion will also qualify as such career advancement serves to springboard further financial gains at greater scales.
    • Securing a new job: If you land a new position with an annual salary at least $2,000 higher than your previous one, it counts!
  • Proof is simple: If you fail to make this gain, submit a formal offer letter which demonstrates a failed salary negotiation or promotion documented on company letterhead within the 12-month timeframe.
  • If you don't reach the goal: If you haven't achieved the $2,000 increase within 12 months, simply provide your offer letter documentation and a brief explanation of your efforts; combined with privacy redacted paystubs or payroll reports demonstrating this lack of gain within the event time frame, and we'll promptly refund your course fee in full within 30 days of receipt.

This incredible guarantee lets you invest in your future with complete peace of mind. We're confident that our comprehensive course will equip you with the tools and confidence to unlock your true earning potential.

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