Pathfinders – Career Acceleration and Beyond


Pathfinders is an 8 week, career acceleration program, organized into quarterly cohorts, surrounding the common graduation times in Winter, Spring, Summer, and the academic calendar year starting in Fall.

The program coursework is organized into modules, much in the style of online MBA programs. Along with online lecture modules; each cohort meets in a unique, private channel where topics are reviewed, regular live Q&As occur, homework is assigned, and action steps are shared within close knit groups.

Upon completion, Pathfinders are welcomed into a lifetime legacy community channel where the real fun begins.

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Some quick FAQs/points to note:

  • Pathfinders is designed for students, new grads, career developers, and career changers who don’t want to get pigeon holed or feel stagnant, are tired of staring through the glass ceiling, and are fed up being low balled in a job market where their value is far beyond the worth being given.
  • This program is designed to turn all that status quo garbage on its head! #NeverSettle
  • Since joining Pathfinders, members have demonstrated a track record of success through various chosen pathways including residency, clinical expertise, online marketing, personal branding, job market navigation, and even breaching into private practice!
  • Time Commitment: We’re talking 45min’ish weekly video lectures (pre-recorded, so jump on when you’re ready); 1-2 hour “homework” challenges & group participation, spread throughout the week. The value you get will be the value you put in.
  • ALSO: All Pathfinders have open access to myself & community mentors for regular 1-on-1 calls — during the program, and beyond.

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Start Strong. Move Up. Grow Wealth. Kill Debt. Give Back.

An acceleration program for your career path, into the next level & beyond.

While designed to be modular, historically all Pathfinder sessions have been customized to the unique needs of each group — from early career focused to business startup to even buying into a practices. Whatever the case, the most unique element to Pathfinders beyond this custom approach to each group, is that the mentorship and community continues far beyond the end of each cohort.


How your career starts has telling implications to how it will progress in the next two, three, five, and even ten years. This is severely significant as it pertains to starting pay, the ability to capture opportunity, breaking through the glass ceiling, and more. Module 1 focuses on getting to know each other within the cohort, and, establishing common terms of discussion including a solid understanding of the job market & available career paths.


Part two of Module 1 focuses on the specific action steps available on how to actually launch a career in an accelerated trajectory. This applies to students, new grads, and career changers… even those who are career changers within their respective settings. This module also discusses the relevant financial, organizational, and cross market implications in starting strong. AND, it address the importance of NOT pigeon holing your career.


Nearly every profession and industry make claims of the existence of a glass ceiling. The fact is, it’s true: barriers to career advancement absolutely exist. Regardless of the reason, it is up to us to find ways through it, around it, or to remove such barriers entirely. This module focuses on situational awareness in the multiple areas of career opportunities & in formulation of an action plan to be discussed in Part 2 of Module 2.


Now that we have established a clear picture of what the career ladder looks like, where the barriers and boundaries are; this module focuses on specific strategies and staging areas in effectively climbing the ladder… or, simply making one of your own! To climb the ladder effectively, we must realize that there are certain pacing points for specific types of career ladders. Also, for those interested in creating their own ladder, there are expectations that must be carefully fleshed out in order not to burn out in the developing phases.


Regularly, we are receiving great news at UpDoc Media from new graduates and developing professionals who are taking heed to our career advice. There are PT clinicians working in hospitals, counter-offering an initial pay grade of $38/hour; successfully landing the job at $45/hour and $52/hour on the weekends. We are getting word of PTs, only a handful of years out; making $120-140k/year in a combination of income streams, paying off their entire student loan obligations by year three. This module covers the the offensive and defensive financial tactics of earning potential, household cashflow, examining the entire compensation package & landing the advantageous offerings out there.


For millennial professionals [and, I mean professionals in this millennial age — not a specific age bracket], the general standard is that upwards of 1 in 3 people DO NOT have anything put away for retirement. This number is likely even higher as we approach 2020. Personal finances, income vs. taxes, retirement plans, diversified portfolio, life insurance, etc. etc. etc. How do we best utilize & invest the cash coming from our paychecks? These, are topics that are rarely covered in our formal academic exposures… much less later, after we are well on our way in the career path. This module will build on the prior module theme of earning the monies by smart in the way we keep, invest, and grow that hard earned pay.


Continuing from a financial planning perspective, this module will cover strategies and various advisable approaches in killing debt. The common questions are: Do I pay it off as early as I can? I’ve heard of new grads getting it done through home health & travel PT; is this a good option? What about a more balanced approach? I want to have a home, buy a house, raise a family. And, what if my loans are plainly insurmountable… is it bad to pay it off over a longer period of time??? If these questions are a resounding concern you have, fret not! We will cover this and more in this Pathfinders module.


Finally: Giving Back. At UpDoc Media, we approach success through growth, with a mindset of abundance. Paying it forward. Giving back. These elements are huge for the success and elevation of our profession and community at large. There are many avenues of giving back and inspiring others. No matter which path is chosen, it always centralizes on being an inspired professional. This module discusses the dimensions & actionable steps of becoming of an inspired professional as the licensed clinician, a business owner, a consultant, an educator, a researcher, a personal branding expert, a consummate advocate, and as a selfless colleague. Ultimately, the list goes on and on; one truth remains — if one of us wins, we all win.


Ben is a Physical Therapist who reached the top of his career ladder, breached the “dream” goal of a 6-figure PT salary, was recognized by his contemporaries as a pioneer of modern research of kettlebell exercise, and became a national speaker – all within the first three years of his career path.

Ben strongly believes that what he achieved is not unique; nor does he bring above average skill sets to the table. Rather, he feels that his story, and stories like his to whom he has the pleasure of mentoring – now represent the new normal for the Physical Therapist of the millennial age.

Now known as a Connector, it is Ben’s pleasure and privilege to share the proven success of his strategic approaches, based firmly in business principles, economics, and psychology – to help his fellow colleagues experience optimal and early success. A critical achievement which he refers to as “The First Win.” A flashpoint that ignites a career into greatness!

To make Pathfinders truly unique, Ben is bringing in guest contributors who are experts in their own right of personal finance, wealth building, approaching student debt, career concerns, advocacy, and more. Some of these accomplished individuals will be a formal part of the 8 week program, others will be joining us in the Pathfinders community group.